Emotional Fitness Training for Women and Teenage Girls

Image of Emotional Be Free coaching Bendigo mentoring for women & girls

Bec supports women to be emotionally fit and happier in their lives. She uses EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and SDH (Self-Directed Healing) techniques to assist her clients to remove any self-limiting beliefs, stop repeating unhealthy life patterns and shift emotional blocks on a subconscious level. By doing so she helps women to make long lasting life changes and feel more in control of their lives.

Image of Be Free Bec coaching Bendigo mentoring for women & girls

| Meet Bec

Bec is the mother of a blended family of tweens & teens and is passionate about helping people to help themselves. As well as mentoring women and assisting couples to rekindle relationships, she also co-facilitates school based well-being and creativity programs with her partner Vern through their business The Connected Circus. Bec loves to create art, cook, sing, laugh, bushwalk & travel.

Image of Be Free family coaching Bendigo mentoring for women & girls

| My Story

My ability to support others & to understand how challenging life is has been honed over years in un-fulfilling jobs/a disconnected marriage, a difficult divorce, as well as exiting a religious cult, & a near death experience. After losing everything four years ago, I began from scratch & rebuilt myself and my life. This path led me to pursue my passion of emotion well-being & helping others on their own journey to be emotionally strong.